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Project Description

Aditivos Dampstar


DAMPSTAR 1.43 S1 Fast start-up, stable ink water balance Safety label free, VOC level below 0,1%
DAMPSTAR 1.90 Q7 PH neutral, fast start-up, low water settings Fast drying, reduced build up and therefore minimised need to wash the blanket
DAMPSTAR 1.80 Extreme fast start-up, low water settings, suited for printing half web Results in low ink settings


DAMPSTAR 7.20 S1 Suited for FUJIFILM PRO-V and unbaked plates IPA-free printing, VOC free product
DAMPSTAR 7.82 Reduced ink-feedback and minimissed blanked pilling IPA-free printing
DAMPSTAR 7.82 HARD Strong buffer capacity, suited for hard water quality IPA-free printing
DAMPSTAR 7.30 HARD Reduced blanked pillimg and strong buffer capacity IPA-free printing


DAMPSTAR 5.60 S1 Fast start-up, strong buffer, stable ink-water balance Safety label free
DAMPSTAR  5.6 HARD Fast start-up, reduced ink feedback, stable ink-water balance IPA-free printing, cobalt free drying additive